Actor/Dancer, Jerome Parker,

has made his acting debut in the new gay, web-series drama, Pharm the Series. Raised in NYC and currently living down south, Jerome has stepped out of his comfort zone to play the character, Reek.

In the series, Reek is the boyfriend of AJ and they are a young couple who are addicted to each other and more. Often accepting of his boyfriend’s mistakes, Reek’s commitent is tested when AJ commits an undoable crime.


I recently got that chance to catch up with Jerome in a recent interview where we discussed his character in Pharm, his views on dating in the gay community, and much more! With over 28,000 followers on Instagram, most people may not know much about the guy behind the sexy, shirtless photos. However, you’d be pleased to know that he has an extremely warm personality, and it was a pleasure chatting with him.


Be sure to check out “Pharm” by visiting www.watchpharmtv.com!

Also follow Jerome Parker on Instagram & Twitter @itheboii.

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