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I first discovered Calem West’s fitness videos on YouTube a few years back.

Since then he has deleted that account, but that hasn’t stopped his videos from circulating around the web. Known for his lean muscular body, and super built rear-end, I had to talk to Calem and get the inside scoop on his personal fitness tips and tricks in addition to hearing a little about his background.

Calem West

Check out my convo with the mysterious Fitness/Glute Expert, Calem West, below!

NICHOLAN: What inspired you to get serious about fitness?

CALEM WEST: My uncle is a professional body builder when I was younger he would show me his trophies and magazines he was featured in, that’s where it started.

Are there any fitness gurus that have influenced you and your fitness journey?

No, but there are many that I follow on social media that I admire, especially their business and work ethic.

Today in 2015 we have successful openly gay fitness personalities like Shaun T. in addition to the LGBT community becoming more and more visible in the mainstream world of sports. Gay men have been practically obsessed with their bodies for years! Why do you think the gay community is starting to finally get recognition in these types of industries?

Shaun T. is one of the top 3 persons in fitness that I admire. The LBGT community is simply becoming larger so within the larger number you have those who excel at sports, fitness, etc.

The question that most of us want to know—what’s with the mask? What lead to the decision to incorporate that into your fitness brand?

A lot of your fitness videos focus on butt workouts. Whenever I post a video of you, I refer to you as the“booty expert” (lol). As a result, in addition to having tons of female followers, a lot of gay men are drawn to your fitness videos. Lets face it—gay men love a nice derriere.  Do your fitness videos target a certain audience?

No target audience, they are for anyone who desires bigger, rounder, more shapely, projected, or toned glutes.

Aside from aesthetic reasons, what are some other benefits of having a…oh I’ll just say it—having a nice ASS?

Calem WestHaving a nice ass is purely aesthetic aside from some research saying that it actually is good for you due to the good fats that are stored there. But when you have to exercise to achieve it, it can cause increased athletic performance. If you noticed many athletes have bigger glutes, which helps then perform at a higher level throughout varies sports.

Give us 3 of YOUR most important tips so that we can make sure we’re getting the most out of our workouts. 

1.) Stay consistent
2.) Don’t let anyone discourage you
3.) Know that you can do it

On thencrowd14.com I’ve featured plenty of recording artists, especially LGBT artists (see Sound’N Good). What type of music helps you push through your workouts?

I like all types of music, but usually something with heavy base and high notes.

A lot of your followers first discovered you on YouTube. Since then, you’ve taken down all of your videos and instead have given us 15-second snippets on Instagram. What was the reason behind this?

Long list of things, full workouts will be available again though as I know this is what many are asking for.

What does the future hold for CW Built Body and your brand?

Lots of new things to come that me and the team are working on.

How can we keep up with you?

Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, and I’m currently working on my website.


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