Empire: Jamal “Collaborates” with Skye Summers?

***If you didn’t watch this weeks episode of Empire, this post will be a spoiler alert!***

I’m a few days late, but I just caught up on this weeks episode of Empire. This season has been filled with a handful of well known celebrities from Chris Rock to Kelly Rowland to Vivica Fox. Well this week, Alicia Keys was added to the cast as Skye Summers.

Throughout the episode, Jamal helped Skye Summers as she aimed to change her creative direction as an artist. At the end of the episode, they premiered the song, Powerful, which marked a new beginning Skye Summer’s artistry.

This scene ALSO marked a new beginning for Jamal’s character. Jamal and Skye shared a very intimate kiss at the end of their performance!!!

Okay so I have a list of questions in my head:

  • Where is Lee Daniels taking Jamal’s character?
  • Is Jamal Bisexual?
  • Was he already aware of his bisexuality?
  • Is Jamal still gay and just got caught up in the moment?
  • Would Skye seriously be interested in dating Jamal knowing that he also is attracted to men?

I want to hear what you guys think about his week’s episode of Empire. Feel free to leave a reply to this post.

For the record, I just downloaded Powerful on itunes along with a few others. The music this season is hot!

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