Don’t Be Flashy


You know what really turns me all the way off?


It’s a huge turn off. You may think that you’re impressing someone while bragging about your money, nice things, and name dropping here and there, but that someone definitely is not me. The real question is, what are you compensating for? What are you hiding behind all of these material things and clouded sense of self worth?

It’s quite sad how money can change people. Yes, you have a great career, but how is your character? Are you a good person? If you had zero dollars to your name, what would you be left with? Some people thrive off of the idea of having a high social status based on a bunch of fake shit, but I’m not one of those people.

Here’s some advice to everyone; don’t ever allow material things to define you! You’re much better than that. The way you impress someone is really simple and doesn’t cost a dime.

You impress someone simply by BEING YOU!

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