Did You Catch Part I of the Season Finale of “The Circle NYC” Season 02?

The Circle NYC S2

I just finished binge watching Season 02 of The Circle NYC. Part I of the season finale was released last week. I must say that really enjoyed it! The casting is absolutely perfect this season. There was drama of course, however there were enough legit story-lines to balance the drama out.

The cast of season 02 included, Lester “Newnue” Matthews (Producer), Damien Crawford (Singer/Songwriter), Travis Demetri (Actor), Carlos Martinez (Celebrity Make-up Artist), and Paris Buford (Former Adult Entertainer/On-Screen Personality). There were also two new additions this season, Melli B (Out Rapper/CEO of Lemon Brands) and Julius Caeser (Party Planner/Bartender).

Melli B was clearly the standout cast member this season. Whether you love him or him, he kept the show interesting with his major shade throwing and over the top flamboyant personality. Julius added a lot to the show as well in a different way from Melli. With his laid back personality and his want for everyone to get along, he added a nice sense of balance to the show this season.

Someone else who may have stood out to many of you this season is Melli’s good “friend” Jeff(pictured below).

Image: https://www.instagram.com/modeljeffthomas/

If you haven’t noticed, Jeff is fine as hell! They claim to just be friends, but their on-screen chemistry says otherwise. You be the judge…

Aside from all the messy drama which seems to be a formula that works for reality programs, I really enjoyed the story-lines of the entire cast. The cast was shown to have another level of substance outside of the drama as they were shown keeping up their daily grind in The Big Apple, working hard, trying to make it just like the rest of us. This made the cast more relatable. I also love the variety of personalities within the cast. It shows how colorful the LGBT community really is.

Part II of the Season Finale of “The Circle NYC” Season 2 will Premiere on Friday, December 29, 2017.

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