David Duma and His Beach Body Have Us Drooling!

Costa Rican Athlete/Dancer/Performer/TV Host, David Duma, will motivate you to step your fitness game ALL the way up! I mean, have you seen that body though?

David Duma

With his signature fro along with beach photos of him wearing colorful, fun and extra fitted speedos, David’s sex symbol status  earned him over 29,000 Instagram followers. It looks like he keeps a job too. Notice all his titles listed above. lol

David Duma

Why should you be following his Instagram page? I’ll tell you why—he doesn’t keep all his fitness secrets to himself. Just the other day he offered a few fitness tips for building a stronger chest on his IG story. Hmmm…so we have fitness tips, hot eye candy to lust over, photos of the beach—with him on it…

*presses follow

Follow David Duma’s Instagram page @dumadavid. Also, if you like his speedos and swim shorts, be sure to check www.ninfoswim.com.

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