Dancer/Choregrapher, Anthony Velazquez, Covers Kelly Rowland’s Latest, “Conceited” [VIDEO]

Anthony Valesquez

I have been keeping up with Anthony Velazquez, since The N Crowd was created back in 2014. He is a very talented Dancer/Choreographer from Miami, Florida. With just short of 31,000 followers, you may be more familiar with his Instagram name, @ant_dancelife.

A couple weeks back, Kelly Rowland released a snippet of a new track . The song is called “Conceited” and she released a minute long visual as well.

In addition to the dance, Anthony gets his acting on (in the clip below) while tapping into a heterosexual role for his artistic approach to the track. The clip features Benicka Janae Grant as the leading lady.

I absolutely love how he took the song a created his own narrative out of it. He made it into something that was everyday and relatable while still fusing his own artistic approach and expression. Good stuff!


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