Couple Alert! Model, Trey Pressely, is Boo’d Up

I remember a few years back when I first discovered Trey Pressley. I spotted him in a photo from the annual Miami Sizzle Pride event. “Who is this phine man?” I thought to myself. Initially I figured that he was a gay-friendly, heterosexual man modeling at a gay event. We all know how often that happens, right?

As we’ve all watched his career in fitness, modeling and acting play out, it then became obvious that this man is most likely same-gender-loving.


Over the summer, as I scrolled through my timeline watching the crowd post about their summer whereabouts, I noticed a series of images/videos of Trey and a mystery man. Hmmm…

If I had payed more attention months back, I probably would have realized then that the duo were and are in fact dating. However, it was just confirmed for me when Trey’s equally as attractive boyfriend, who goes by the name SirrRome, posted this:


So there you have it fellas, Trey Pressley is a taken man! What an awesome looking couple. Wouldn’t you agree? A congratulations is always due when one finds someone who makes them happy. 🙂

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