Could Cam Newton Use Some Style Tips?

Today, Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers, lost their first game all season against the Atlanta Falcons. The final score ended at 20-13. Regardless, the Panthers are having a hell of a season!

Like a lot of professional atheletes, Cam Newton may look sharp on the field, but he appears to need a few minor tweaks to his personal style off the field. It’s like the idea of what he’s going for is there, but the execution is a bit of a miss.

Sorry Cam. Just calling it as it is.


Is Cam Newton’s style is a hit or miss?


Sorry Cam–we love you, but you’re too handsome to be dressing like this. Plus, image is everything when you’re a public figure. Maybe take some notes from Victor Cruz or Odell Beckham Jr. I mean, NYC is a fashion capital so it only makes sense that they’re on top of their style game.

Perhaps Cam should hire the good people at GQ to be his personal stylists.

Cam Newton

By the way, Cam has some nice legs though! If I had to make a choice between body vs. style, I would choose body. Just saying…

Cam Newton

Not that it’s that big of a deal, but just for fun,  what do you guys think about Cam Newton’s style? Regardless, Cam is an extremely talented athlete and he is getting PAID whether we like how he dresses or not!

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