Could Calem West Finally Be Bringing his Booty Back to YouTube!?

Well it looks like Mr. Big Booty himself, Calem West, may be preparing for his return to YouTube.

If you recall, YouTube is where the big booty icon first started to build his following. Since then he deleted his YouTube page to focus on his personal website in addition to remaining active on his Instagram and Twitter.

Staying true to his disappearing act trend, he recently deleted his Instagram page. My guess is so that all of his videos will be uploaded exclusively to his upcoming YouTube page. Take a look at his tweet below which was tweeted in late September.

I’ll admit, sometimes the places he takes his “fitness brand” somewhat confuses me? I guess he’s selling a mix of fitness and sex. At one point he was selling nude pics of his booty along with underwear which I believe he would wear (if requested) during a workout session.


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