Comedy Sketch by a Nigerian Comedian Getting Backlash While it Promotes Sexual Assault on Gay Men

We all know the social climate in Nigeria regarding LGBT issues. Nigerian Comedian, Ogusbaba, has made a mockery of this issue in a comedy sketch by promoting sexual assault on gay men. That’s right—I said “promote.”

The video was extremely uncomfortable to watch. Regardless, it has over 350,000 views along with thousands of shares. Apparently the humor in the video was that forcing bananas, cucumbers, and yams up the rear of a gay man is funny…

Reality check to Ogusbaba, it’s not funny at all. Situations like this happen all the time and it’s absolutely nothing to make light out of.

When I was in middle school, my mom took me to a court hearing in Washington D.C. This was during the late 90’s or early 00’s. I went to work with her that day and we thought it would be cool to check a hearing since I have never been to one before. We had no idea what the hearing would be about, but we would soon find out.

It wasn’t pretty at all…

We sat there and watched a group of young men who were being prosecuted for forcing a pole up the rear of another man who I believe happened to be gay. I can’t remember if the young man survived or not. I even saw smirks on their face as they were being convicted.

So again, this video which he considers to be a “comedy sketch” is not comedy at all. These are things that give gay-bashers a license to do the things they do.

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