Comedian, Bill Maher, Gives His Views on the Election

bill maher

For those of you who may not know, Bill Maher is an N Crowd favorite!

His liberal views are always on point while he consistently backs up his thoughts with plenty of logic. In addition, he is a heterosexual man who actively fights for gay rights. Take a look at Google’s description of him below:

“Bill Maher (born 1956) is a left-wing talk show host. He is also a socialist, atheist and liberal comedian, actor, writer, producer, and Democratic Party activist. Maher supports the legalization of marijuana, gay marriage, gambling and prostitution.”

With all the drama surrounding Donald Trump’s newly found Presidency, of course he had to give his two cents.

Quick Thought: For some I reason, I could see Trump humbling himself while being in the White House and wearing a different hat than he wore during his disgusting campaign (read this). Did you see how humbled he looked while being in President Obama’s presence earlier this week?

Anyways, check out this clip of Bill Maher below!

video link

LOL–good stuff!

Just as a side note, many may not know this BUT, Hilary technically still has a chance to win Presidency. I didn’t quite understand the idea behind electoral votes until I did a little research. Check out the link below to see how Hilary could still become our President.


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