Children of Gay Parents Grow Up Confused?

As we all are well aware of at this point, gay marriage is in the works of being legalized across the nation. Naturally, people have taken to social media, blogs, and other social outlets to express their opinions on this ground breaking news. Last Friday when the news broke, I was driving to work while listening to 92Q Jams, a popular R&B and Hip-Hop radio station in Baltimore. As 92Q played a number of up-tempo records in celebration of the great news, they accepted calls from their listeners to either applaud or knock the decision.

One specific call stood out. It was made by a man who spoke with a heavy accent as if he may have been from Jamaica or another island. After he started talking, I then realized that he was on a serious mission to replace the clear blue skies with grey clouds and lightning bolts. I’ll quote what he said as best as I can remember:


“I don’t agree with this decision to legalize gay marriage. Next thing you know, they’re going to start adopting children and then the children are going to grow up confused. If they are going to legalize gay marriage, then they need to legalize marijuana. If they [gay community] can do what they want to do, then I want to be able to do what I want to do.”


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The children will grow up confused; a very interesting statement. And what the hell does smoking marijuana have to do with gay marriage!? Is this really how gay-bashers think? On second thought, do they even have the ability to think independently?

What about the children (especially black children) who grow up in a single parent household with no daddy? Couldn’t it be argued that they may be a little confused as to why their friends have a mommy AND a daddy, while they don’t? Isn’t it better for a child to have two parents regardless of gender, opposed to spending their entire childhood in the adoption agency? Don’t talk to me, or the world for that matter, about children being confused unless you have personally talked to a handful of children with gay parents.

It’s so easy for some people to discriminate when they’re not a part of that particular minority group. Individuals who constantly bash the underdog use that window of opportunity to bring some temporary self-esteem to themselves. The combination of ignorance and having low self-esteem is a dangerous combination.

As the LGBT community continues to progress, we are all still going to be faced with ignorance such as the man who called into the radio station. Don’t allow instances such as that to shake or break you because you’re not the one with the issue—it’s them. They have their own set of deeply rooted issues that they need to work out within themselves. Think about it like this–how can someone show love for others if they don’t even love  themself?

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