Catch Up on “The Boyz Next Door LA”

So over the past 24 hours I just caught up on the last two episodes of “The Boyz Next Door LA.” There has been a lot of unnecessary drama going on- although I must admit, it has been very entertaining hehe.

Pierre and TT worried about who’s sleeping with who, Bebe confronting everyone he has a problem with while literally raising hell in the process. Ugh–a mess!


Episode 3: Rumor Has It

Episode 4: Bottles Up


Okay, so I’m just realizing that there is an episode 5 that I haven’t seen. They’re calling this a “mid-season finale.” What does that mean? Is the season over or are they just taking a break before they come back with the rest of this season?

Whatever the case may be, I’m going to watch episode 5 now so I can catch up.

Episode 5: A is for Amber | Mid-Season Finale


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