Canadian Hockey Player, Brad Marchand, Makes a Fool Out of a Disturbed Fan with One Tweet

Brad Marchand

Sports and competition is fun, but sometimes fans take things a little too far. Homophobic slurs have been known to carry their fair share of weight in the world of sports. Nevertheless, Brad Marchand is not having it!

Brad Marchand is a 28-year-old, Canadian Hockey player who currently plays Left Wing for the Boston Ruins. During a recent game, they landed a 4-2 win against the Buffalo Sabres. That’s how games go right—there’s a winner and there’s a loser. Well it looks like some fans just can’t seem to embrace this concept.

After the game results, an angry fan tweeted the following:

“Put [Bruins captain] Chara’s dick back in your mouth you fucking fag.”

Marchand’s response was perfect! Check it out in the screenshot below:

Brad Marchand Tweet Response

It’s great to say athletes standing up for what is right. Even if you are not directly apart of an oppressed group, the important thing to realize is that any type of oppression against humanity does in fact affect you. It affects you, it affects your children, your friends, it affects everyone.

The fan tried to delete the tweet, however Marchand took a screenshot while adding, “[You’re] not getting off that easy bud.”



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