Calem West Wants to Help You Gain 2 INCHES of BOOTY

Personal Trainer (and Massage Therapist),

Calem West,

wants to whoop our asses into shape with his new glute building workout program where he guarantees to help us gain at least 2 inches of booty.


I find his brand to be extremely interesting. Yes–he has a awesome physique, but sometimes there is an extremely blurred line to what he is actually selling. Is he selling fitness or sex? Perhaps Calem has decided to create a lane of his own and is selling both. He must be doing something right because the combination of fitness, sex, and mystery has gained him a fairly descent following!

In addition, Calem has created a very interesting brand involving underwear. I’ll just leave you with this image below and let you conduct your own research…


Purchase CW’s 12 Week Program to a Bigger Lifted Butt by visiting:


*Think’N Out Loud

…and we still have no idea what he looks like.



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