Britney Spears Tag Teams with Tinashe for a bit of Girl on Girl Action [NEW VIDEO]

Britney Spears dropped a new music video, “Slumber Party” which features Tinashe. She and Tinashe share some on-screen lesbian”ish” type action in their new visual.

I always find it interesting how mainstream media (and society for that matter) finds it more socially acceptable for women to have fun with their sexuality, however men should be more rigid. Whether it’s for entertainment purposes or not, women can generally get away with a lot more regarding sexuality.

That’s the good side…

The bad side being that women get a lot more derogatory labels thrown at them, but that’s a different topic for a new day. Remember Rihanna and Shakira’s music video for “Can’t Remember to Forget You?” Or what about Beyonce’s video, “Yoncé?” Girls just want to have fun I guess–isn’t that right Cyndi Lauper?


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