Recently, The N Crowd got the opportunity to catch up with New York based model, Brian Nieh. You may remember him from ADTV which is the first time I was introduced to him, via YouTube.


He has also been featured on a number of other projects including his role as the lead male in rapper Cazwell’s latest music video for “Downtown.” With his strikingly handsome Latin/Chinese looks and his sexy alter ego, Brian has been building his modeling career since 2007.

NICHOLAN: Who is Brian Nieh?

BRIAN: I’m sensitive, I’m a worrier. I think too deep into things at times, I can be impatient. I enjoy pleasing people, day dreaming. I’m a silly Asian, Puerto Rican, young man who has used his sex appeal to build himself into a brand known as” Brian Nieh”. I keep my personal life private and my sex life interesting 😛 lol

When did you first realize that modeling was something you wanted to pursue?

I had a friend who was a model turned photographer and I was her first subject to shoot. While being her subject, I began accumulating a large collection of photos that I started posting online. As time passed, I explored with some creative ideas and started noticing a large amount of positive responses which lead to my love for modeling and photography.

The power of the internet, right? I find it interesting that you discovered modeling because in the past, I’ve heard you say that you are an introvert. Modeling calls for someone to be open, free, and extroverted which are all things you do very well through your photos. People know you for your bold, risqué photos where you appear to freely express your sexuality. Has this been a challenge for you to be so “outward” for the world to see?

The part of me you guys see is an exaggerated version of one aspect of me. Obviously there are many aspects that make me, me. Modeling is like acting; you can be something that isn’t necessary exactly who you are. Yeah I feel sexy and I love walking around in my underwear, but I don’t do that all the time & I don’t always feel half as sexy doing it as I look in my pics. The best way to describe it is, when the camera comes up–all the things that hold me back and make me shy and quiet get thrown out the window and something comes over me.

Brian NiehNow looking at you it’s obvious that you stay in pretty damn good shape! So I’m pretty sure you eat right, work out and all that good stuff. What types of junk food do you eat on your “cheat days?”

OMG, I’m a sucker for pasta. I also love strawberry shortcake ice cream bars along with vanilla milkshakes, Chinese takeout, peanut M&M’s and reese pieces buttercup.

Have any LGBT models inspired you throughout your career?

A few, I use to look at Daniel Miagany pics when I was 15, and say to myself ” I want to be just like him.” Francesco Sagat, is also another model I looked up to.

So it’s Pride season and we all have so much fun traveling to different Pride events around the country or even the world in some cases. What does Pride mean to you?

With the struggles that the LGBTQ community have overcome, after years of oppression and pain, it’s important that we celebrate. We have to take PRIDE in celebrating who we are, for years we were taught and told to be ashamed. Celebrating and building awareness of who are, is what pride means to me.

Which pride events are you looking forward to the most this year?

Miami Sizzle and the various New York City Prides. .

How has dating been for you in the gay community? Would you say that your modeling career has helped or hurt your dating life?

Modeling has made it extremely difficult to meet guys that recognize me from my online personality. I would rather meet someone unfamiliar with me, who isn’t interested in me to gain popularity. I’ve came across a few guys like that, however I’ve handed it quite well and have met a great guy with similar goals as I do.

What advice would Brian Niehyou give to a young guy who is fairly new to the scene and wants to put himself out there and explore dating?

If it feels good than that’s what you should be doing. Have a solid understanding as to what’s right and wrong. Don’t let your homosexuality define you. You liking guys doesn’t mean that your whole life is now centered around that.

There are a lot of popular bloggers who have had a heavy presence online over the past few years. Who are some of your favorite bloggers/vloggers?

I am so clueless when it comes to blogs and those things. I know, it sounds weird seeing how popular I am on all these blogs.

Yeah, that’s pretty hard to believe. Well now that we know that you don’t follow any blogs during your spare time (lol), what types of hobbies do you have outside of modeling?

I enjoy drawing. I also have a passion for working out. Cooking and food in general is a HUGE favorite of mines. But above all, I enjoy watching SpongeBob.

Okay so now I want to play a little game of “FILL IN THE BLANK”

The perfect first date for you would be __________________?

in my room drinking wine, cuddling and watching SpongeBob.”

Your ideal partner would look like __________________?

“someone who is as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.”

During your photo shoots you like to listen to __________________ to put you in your “zone.”

“Beyoncé & Britney”


Boxers or Briefs?

Briefs all the way

iPhone or Android?

iPhone all the way

Basketball or Football?

None lol

New York or L.A.?

Actually both, those are two of my favorite cities. I’m very bicoastal.

Wet or Boy Butter?

Ummmm, what is Boy Butter lol

Google it. Lol

Thanks so much Brian for your time, it’s been a pleasure and we wish nothing but success in your future! The last thing I’ll ask you is how can we follow you on social media?

 Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/BrianNieh87
Twitter – https://twitter.com/BrianNieh
Bookings – BNiehBooking@yahoo.com



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