Brandy Shut the Soul Train Music Awards DOWN! [Performance]

Brandy Soul Train

Last night the Soul Train Awards honored Brandy, one of the greatest and most influential voices of our generation, with the Lady of Soul Award.


Without a doubt, this was probably the strongest televised performance that we have seen from Ms. Norwood! Belting out classic hits such as Baby, Baby, Baby, and Full Moon, this was without a doubt the most talked about performance of the night.

The performance was so good, I genuinely felt like crying. Scrolling the social media, I saw that I wasn’t the only person in the crowd who felt like shedding a few happy tears for the songstress. She looked amazing, sounded amazing, and her overall stage presence proved why she will go down in history as one of the best. She even brought out Mase to deliver his verse on Top of the World!

Just in case you missed it, check out the show stopping performance below and see why Brandy is a true “Lady of Soul!”

Brandy has truly evolved as an artist and especially as a PERFORMER. I remember a few years back when she joined the cast of Dancing with the Stars and came in second place. I honestly had know idea that she could dance before that point. That seemed to be the first mark of Brandy “the performer.”

Congrats Brandy!

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