Boyfriend Living with Ex…?

HELLLLLLL NAWWWWWW Lol! I couldn’t do it. I bring this question up because I have a friend who dated someone who lived with their EX. From the outside looking in, the entire relationship looked to be a complete disaster. No matter how much your feeling somebody or think you may be falling for that person, I would NEVER recommend seriously pursuing them until they handled their current situation.  Why would you set yourself up like that?

Even if I was convinced that they were not dating, how could I be so sure that they weren’t fucking!? Clearly they had and probably STILL HAVE some type of sexual chemistry. If him and his EX are horny as hell one night and I’m not there, how do I know they aren’t going satisfy that need with one another? I’ll tell you how–I WOULDN’T KNOW because he wouldn’t tell me lol. Yeah, this is just way to messy of a situation to get involved in. The answer for me, is NO!


03-26-14 | 2:09 p.m.

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