Bishop TD Jakes Speaks on the LGBT Community and the Black Church

*Cover Image: Huffington Post*

Bishop TD Jakes sat down with the Huffington Post live as he was interviewed by Morehouse College Professor, Marc Lamont Hill, and he discussed many topics while also taking questions from the audience via web cam and social media. Towards the end of the segment, he was asked the question:

“Do you think the LGBT community and the black church can coexist?”

Watch his response below (fast forward to 24:40)

video link

Honestly, I don’t know too much about TD Jakes other than the obvious fact that he is a pastor. Aside from this, I do think that his response was fair. Also, I really appreciated the fact that Marc Lamont Hill pushed this question and wanted to get as much out of him as he good within the limited timeframe they had.

Going back to his response, anytime someone can be HUMBLE and say that they don’t always have the answers because they are not God, I can respect that because so many people in organized religious groups come off as arrogant about what they believe. So again, I appreciated his answer and the fact that he admitted that his beliefs are constantly evolving.

What do you guys think of his response?

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