BET Presents….”Holler If You Hear Me: Black and Gay in the Church” [FULL VIDEO]

BET has has sparked a much needed conversation on an original documentary, Holler If You Hear Me […], which explores the influence of the black church on the LGBT community. This special documentary was created by Journalist/TV Personality, Clay Cane, as he interviewed gay, lesbian, and transgender people in Atlanta, Georgia.

Holler if you hear me-bet-03Cane did an outstanding job as he listened to a variety of experiences of people who have battled with family and internal issues as a result of their sexual orientation.

There were a few quotes that stood out as I watched the film:

“How can someone value their life, if they’re told their existence is a sin?”

“If you are homosexual and you have heterosexual sex, that is a sin.”

“If we are so right that we are damaging people, it undermines all of our rightness–because at the bottom line, you’ve got to be able to relate in a loving way to people.”

“God is Love.”

What did you guys think of Holler If You Hear Me?

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