BET Honors Janet Jackson

The moment that we were all waiting for came and went. This year, BET honored Janet Jackson with the Ultimate Icon Award. Her tribute performance included Tinashe, Jason Derulo, and Ciara.

Tinashe opened the tribute up with her rendition of Pleasure Principle. I’ll be honest–although I do think Tinashe is a descent dancer, I do think her performance could have been a bit more refined (for lack of a better word). For what it’s worth, I am a fan of her music and her style, but her dancing was lacking the technique and skill needed to really sell this performance.

Second in line was Jason Derulo. He danced to All For You and was descent I suppose. My main critique for him was that he was lacking a bit of stage presence. He got lost in the mix to the point where I was paying more attention to his background dancers instead of him.

Finally, Ciara took the stage. I think many of us have been waiting to see Ciara do a Janet routine for years and she gave it to us! Her stage presence, her energy, her dancing, EVERYTHING was on point. Even her hairstyle gave us a little Janet. To be perfectly honest, Ciara ate that stage for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! LOL

With all that being said, all of these performers are talented and did a great job, but clearly I have my favorites lol. Besides, it wasn’t really about any of them; it was all about Janet Jackson, Ms. Jackson if your nasty.


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