Benefits of Playing Tennis

Having so many options to stay in shape, there is no excuse for anyone to NOT find a physically active activity to keep their body in great shape. While popular sports such as football, soccer, basketball, and baseball are constantly selling out stadiums, tennis is one of those sports that tend to fly under the radar. Tennis is a fantastic FULL BODY WORKOUT and not to mention, it’s fun!



Have you ever done interval training on a treadmill at the gym? You may walk for one minute and sprint for 30 seconds. Well tennis uses interval training in a more engaging way. It can be described as a bunch of “little sprints” which can burn up to 600 calories!James Blake 06

Being that in the sport of tennis, you solely rely on yourself rather than a team (unless you’re playing doubles), you are constantly moving. For instance, you’ll sprint to the ball and then come to a sudden stop. Let’s say you play for an hour while constantly repeating this high-intensity motion. That’s burning a hell of a lot of calories!


While you may be use to building more muscle by static movements such as bicep curls or barbell squats, tennis builds strength while constantly engaging your muscles. The combination of the force you use to hit that little green ball that appears to be coming at you at the speed of light and the resistance workout you get in your legs from leaning into the ball, is enough to build smooth, lean, muscle throughout your upper and lower body.


Aside from the obvious physical component of playing tennis, tennis is a mind game. What I mean by this is that tennis is all about strategy. You’re constantly thinking thoughts of: “Where should I place the ball? How hard should I hit the ball? Where is my opponent going to hit the ball?…etc.” Because of this constant thought process, tennis helps with brain development.

Now that you have a better understanding of how the game of tennis is great for your overall health, go out there and have fun. Pick up a fancy racket from Dick’s Sporting Goods or Sports Authority, a pair of comfortable tennis shoes, and stay in top shape by playing tennis!


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