Beaking Up Has Never Been So Easy? 

How would you feel if you could breakup with your partner through a breakup service? Sometimes it may be hard to get the words out in person or maybe the relationship just didn’t mean enough to you to begin with. 
Well guys–there actually is a website,, that specialize in breakup services. Sounds crazy right? The Breakup Shop offers a variety of different breakup packages such as a breakup text, a letter, or a phone call. You also have the option to add breakup gifts to your package.

Commonly in today’s generation, breaking up is already impersonal enough. Breaking up through text and phone calls are already being done, so why add another layer to that? This website somewhat feels like a joke because the only people I can imagine who will pay for this service are people who are trying to be shady. I would rather have someone just ignore me than to go through these extreme measures. 

Do you think that this company is crossing a fine line between breaking up and being disrespectful? Do you think people will actually use this as a method to breakup? Well, only time will tell.  


Learn more about The Breakup Shop by CLICKING HERE

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