Baltimore’s Popular Club Hippo Prepares to Shut Down

For those of you who may be familiar with Baltimore’s LGBT nightlife, you probably have heard of Club Hippo. The popular gay club/bar first opened it’s doors to the LGBT community in 1972. Charles L. “Chuck” Bowers has been the the owner of the club since it opened.

Club Hippo plans to stay open throughout the summer (Pride season), and will close down during the Fall of 2015 with plans to reopen as a CVS in late 2016. This was confirmed by Bowers in a statement which was released this past Monday, May 11, 2015.

What does this mean for the future of Baltimore’s gay-friendly area known as Mount Vernon? Was the Hippo not as “trendy” as it may have been at one point in time? Will this boost the business of other LGBT clubs in Baltimore?

This disappointing news leaves us with so many questions. The times have changed and technology has changed tremendously since the club first opened. Perhaps Club Hippo has run its course and already marked it’s spot in gay history.

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