Are Millennials Way Too Self-Centered?

“Ohhh, look what I’m eating for dinner!”

“Look at me, I’m at the gym!”

“Look who I’m friends with and what we’re doing!”

We live in a generation of “look at how amazing I am!” Are millennials a bit self-centered? I would say the answer to that is hell yes. One of the most important aspects in life is to make genuine connections with others. Family, friends, relationships…etc. But how can you truly make real connections with others if we’re so overly consumed with ourselves?

I get it–nobody walks in your footsteps but you. However, there are times where you need to put yourself to the side and walk in someone else’s footsteps. That’s how people, not only connect with others, but look at things from a broader perspective. Life goals do not equal taking the perfect selfie or longing for thousands of “fans” who, in reality, probably don’t really give a damn about you.

I think we’re going about life the wrong way. We’re fueling a mentality that needs a few attitude adjustments.

A couple weeks ago I read an article on which brought up something that I’ve never thought about. Culturally we’re raised to believe that we’re special. We can be anything we want to be.

Why?–because we’re the shit!

As a result we have to surround ourselves with people who are just as special as us. Anyone who falls outside of our pretentious standards simply will not fit into the ideal image of what our life should look like. This affects our interactions with dating, friendships…etc.

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But is this idea really satisfying? Are these ideas really giving us the fulfillment that we need in life? As I stated earlier, life is about our interaction with others. It’s also about experiences. Experiences that we aren’t going to get by spending hours on Instagram, Snapchat, Jack’d, Tindr, or whatever app you’re obsessing your life over.

Put the damn phone down, reverse the camera so it’s NOT facing you, and LIVE!

Reality check: It’s not all about you! You aren’t entitled to anything just because you’re “special.”

  • You get a decent job by working hard for it and playing your cards right!
  • You find a partner who you’re compatible with by getting out of the house and being social opposed to presenting yourself as some superficial, snobby CHARACTER online!
  • You make friends by actively listening to people while they speak and putting your selfish issues to the side for 5 seconds!

So to all you millennials, including myself, stop being so overly consumed with yourself because it’s simply not all about you. Pick up a book, do some research, watch the news, know what the hell is going on in the world outside of the one in which you live!

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