Another Point on the Scoreboard Thanks to My-King Johnson

Big news came out earlier this week in the world of sports and openly-gay players. It was announced that Defensive End, My-King Johnson, will be the first openly-gay FBS (Football Bowl Division) scholarship player in major-college history.

Standing at 6’4 and 225 pounds, Johnson will be attending the University of Arizona (UA) this fall. He received offers from 11 schools and had original plans to attend UCLA, however he later changed his mind as UA was the first Power 5 school to show interest.

Over the years there have been a handful of college/professional athletes to publicly “come out.” So how is My-King Johnson’s story any different? I’ll tell you why—

he has been openly-gay since he was 12 years old when he came out to his family and friends.

“We want you to be a Wildcat”

That was the UA Wildcats response from the Rich Rodriguez, the Coach, after he found out that Johnson was openly-gay. Since then, Johnson has taken to Twitter with the following tweet:

It seems as though the Jason Collins’, Michael Sams’, and Derrick Gordons’ of the world are definitely making an impact for future generations. Babysteps…

We’re sending a huge CONGRATULATIONS to My-King Johnson and we’ll definitely be following his college football career this fall!

Follow My-King on Instagram @mykingsters and on Twitter @kingj9943

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