Amber Rose and Her Clique Make a Statement at the 2015 VMA’s

Amber Rose and BFF, Blac Chyna, took the red carpet to make a bold statement at this year’s 2014 Video Music Awards. They wore matching outfits with bold words such as “slut, whore, and bitch” written all over. When asked about their controversial outfits, Amber responded by saying

“We wanted to paint a picture of what everyone says about us.”

Amber Rose

In addition, they were accompanied by two, gay male escorts. They continued the socially liberating theme by also wearing matching outfits which were black with the word “faggot” written all over in white.

I always say that women and gay men share similar struggles, so it was really great seeing someone using their platform to promote social change in such a cool fashion (pun intended hehe).

What did you guys think of Amber and clique at the VMA’s?

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