Actor/Comedian, David Brandyn, Premieres a NEW Project

You may remember him from the hit web-series, No Shade, as he played the character of Noel. David Brandyn is back with a new web-series titled, Tiff N’ Toddler. The new comedic series was created by David Brandyn himself and directed by Tonja Renee Stidhum and Jack Lalonzo Bostic. It also stars @_packrat_ as Tiff (sorry, I’m not too sure what her real name is).

In the series, David plays a 6 year old child as he plays up that typical brother-sister relationship he shares with his older sister. The series is extremely playful and almost cartoon like. Episode 01 is only 3 minutes long, so I think it’s safe to assume that all the episodes will be fairly short. Therefore, this series is something quick and funny you can watch on the go.

Check Out Episode 01, I Didn’t Do It, Below!

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