Actor, Charlie Sheen, Reveals His HIV Status

Charlie Sheen was featured on the Today show this morning to put an end to rumors surrounding his HIV status. Sheen states at the beginning of the interview that he is “in fact HIV Positive.”

This is unfortunate news, however I was initially confused as to why he was revealing something  so personal to the world. Then, after watching the interview I realized that he’s a celebrity and in the celebrity world, there is a constant concern about the exposure of sensitive and personal information to the public.

During the interview, he spoke on having to pay people to keep them from talking. So yes, there is constantly a target (or camera) on a celebrity’s back which brings a new element of pressure. That’s a problem that the average joe (me and you) doesn’t have to worry about.

Watch the Clip Below:


Check out the other part of the clip by CLICKING HERE.

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