According to My Resources (Jack’d), He’s Fair Game!

Okay–so let me set up the scenario for you. You have been secretly interested in a coworker. Nothing too serious, just—INTERESTED.

You go to work one morning and do your usual routine such as getting a cup of coffee, getting situated at your desk, opening your work e-mail, and then maybe…checking your Jack’d profile.

*Uh huh, don’t act like you don’t check your Jack’d at work from time to time.

So you check your Jack’d for new messages and maybe to see who’s browsing in the area. While sipping your morning boost of energy, you suddenly come across a pleasant surprise.

*Emphasis on “surprise”

Your coworker, the cute guy I mentioned earlier, HAS A JACK’D PROFILE! Ohhh shit!


And….SCENE! (As the director would say on the set of a movie)

Okay, number ONE—you had no idea he was even attracted to the same sex. Number TWO, clearly he’s comfortable with his sexual preference. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have a photo uploaded on his profile.

What do you do? Do you send a message and see if he’s interested? Perhaps you could start conversation in person while passing each other in the hall? Or, do you say nothing at all because romance just does not work in the workplace?

According to polls I have taken in the past through social media, romances in the office are a “NO, NO.” Things start off fun, but if the two of you start having issues in the relationship, it can spill into the workplace, which is never a good look. On the other hand, if it’s a connection that you don’t think is worth passing up, why not just go for it?

Have you ever been in a similar situation? Leave your thoughts in a reply below!

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