Absent from Social Media?

Guys without Social Media

I’ll start off by saying that I respect the fact that not everyone is impressed with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…etc. Today it seems like almost everyone has AT LEAST ONE profile on a social media platform–so when you meet someone who doesn’t have anything but a phone number, what should you think? Should this be a red flag?

I would say that the answer to this question is no. Being absent from social media does NOT mean that you have something to hide–at least that’s what I WANT to believe lol. I stick by my answer, but I have had a few experiences with guys who were not completely honest…And guess what they all had in common…? Yup you got it!

Now I’m not saying that whoever I’m dating shouldn’t have an Instagram account. I’m just saying that from my personal experiences I have noticed a trend. In fact, I would PREFER if my partner wasn’t involved with the whole digital world of temptation and lust…lol. The internet has definitely opened up the dating pool which can be a gift and curse at the same time, but that sounds like another conversation for another day. Lol

What are you guys thoughts on this topic?


03-28-14 | 3:23 a.m.

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