I asked this question before. Any new comers have an opinion on this? I’m going to say that it depends on the situation. If someone is CONSTANTLY cheating to the point where it is completely disrespectful, then I’m going to say YES–unless you’re okay with being cheated on lol.

If it happens once and that person is sincere in their apology, then I would say that it shouldn’t necessarily END the relationship. It would depend on how everything else is going between you and your partner, meaning if the good outweighs the bad. But still, one may question if this was really his/her FIRST time cheating on you…hmmmm? That’s where the trust issue comes into play where being unfaithful may cause your lover to not trust you for damn near the rest of the relationship.

In all, cheating is NOT OKAY unless you and your partner have mutually decided to have an open relationship! Leave a comment on this post letting me and the rest of the crowd know how you feel about this topic.

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