6 Gift Ideas on What to Get Him for the Holidays?

Christmas is only a couple weeks away and some of you still may be completely clueless on what to get your partner (or person of interest).

Some gifts are good for early dating phases of the relationship while others are better for more concrete and established relationships. Price point plays a big role in this decision.

I may be single AF, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have any good suggestions on what you may want to buy your partner for the holidays. Just think of me as that good friend who you decide to text for ideas while aimlessly strolling around the mall.

6. Does he enjoy sports? Maybe he has a favorite athlete. Try getting him a jersey along with tickets to a game. I’ve also seen some nice sports hoodies online as well.




5. Perhaps your guy is a huge sneaker head.




4. You can always keep it casual with a holiday card along with a gift certificate. If it were me, I would give $25-$50 to someone who is fairly new to the picture.




3. Let’s say he’s a music lover. People don’t really buy CD’s anymore (they take up too much space anyway), but you can snag two tickets to a concert. You could go for a mainstream artist, but don’t forget about local talent. A neo-soul or jazz concert in a small intimate setting would be hot. Don’t you think?




2. Christmas marks the early stages of Winter. Yeah you’ll keep each other warm indoors, but he’ll have to go outside eventually. Get him a matching pair of gloves, a scarf, and a hat. If you want to spend a little more, you can go for a stylish coat.

American Eagle actually has nice winter accessories that work for a broad range of age groups.




1. Maybe your guy is into having great skin or maintaining his sexy beard and mustache. Get him a full grooming set. Hell, get one for yourself while your at it. Hey, it’s the holiday season right…?



Happy Holidays!

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