Who Is Glenn Burke?

Glenn BurkeIs the media giving too much credit to Jason Collins for being the first ACTIVE openly gay professional athlete? The answer could possibly be YES!–not to take any credit away from Jason Collins, because the issue of gay athletes coexisting with heterosexual athletes is still clearly an issue.

Glenn Burke was an active player in Major League Baseball (MLB) during the 1970s. It is said that while he was an active MLB player, his teammates and team owners were VERY aware of his sexual orientation. Burke did not go out of his way to hide it. The team owners had a hard time dealing with the issue and eventually traded him to another team. Before being traded, Burke was even offered more money if he went ahead and married a woman! Wow

Glenn Burke

That was a very vague summary, but this is DEFINITELY an interesting story that you all should do a bit of research on. Again, we are all EXTREMELY HAPPY FOR JASON COLLINS and for all of his accomplishments…but, it IS possible that the media has things a bit twisted. Perhaps Jason Collins should be credited for the first active openly-gay athelete in OVER 30 YEARS–that may be a more appropriate title, which is still a BIG DEAL!


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