2016 MLK Weekend in Atlanta!

Last year in January 2014, I visited Atlanta during MLK Weekend for the first time. This weekend is also referred to as Winter Pride. It’s a good way to break up the bitter, cold season of Winter. For some reason, 2013 was the first year I have even heard about this annual event. I had a friend who mentioned it to me and how much fun it was so I decided to check it out first hand!

I ended up traveling to Atlanta by myself and I had a BALL! This was my third visit to Atlanta, but my first time traveling alone. I can’t even lie, it was a bit intimidating traveling that far alone, especially to an event you’ve never been to before. I didn’t quite know what to expect, so all I had to go on was what I’ve heard from other people. With that being said, it felt SO DAMN GOOD not having to work around anyone’s schedule but MY OWN!

I stayed in the center of midtown at Loews Hotel, which was the host hotel for the event. This luxury hotel is one of the more pricey hotels in the area, BUT it was in a perfect location! Also, the deal was a little better when you book through the main event website. Loews sits directly across from Einsteins, a trendy bar where I drank and socialized two of the three nights I was there.

Also, Loews is only a few blocks away from Bulldogs, another popular, well-known, gay bar in Atlanta. I still have not visited Bulldogs to this day, but I definitely plan on checking it out during my next visit.Einsteins

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend the event earlier this year, but if I can pull my coins together I would love to be able to experience the festivities again next year in 2016!

For some reason, I always have a hard time finding an official website where I can find details for the event such as host hotels, main events…etc. So far I have found a Facebook Event Page that appears to be officially linked to the event.


I will be updating this post as I gather more resources and information regarding the 2016 MLK Weekend in Atlanta so keep checking back for updated information if you plan to attend.

Hope to see you guys there!

***UPDATE 12/12/15***

MLK Weekend 2016


***UPDATE 12/24/15***

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Sidenote: Why has it taken so long for information about this event to be released? I honestly still don’t even know what the host hotel is. I said I would try to keep you guys updated as much as I could, but it seems like there could be some issues behind the scenes with this event. That’s just speculation on my part. 

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