14 Story Lines Season 3 of “Noah’s Arc” Could Have Picked Up From

Imagine a world where Logo’s popular show, Noah’s Arc, got picked up for a new season. Have you ever wondered what stories could have been told throughout a third season? Well I put together 14 potential story lines that Noah’s Arc could have and SHOULD HAVE picked up from.


1. What happened between Noah and Wade AFTER they got married?

2. How did Wade’s parents adapt to their son being married to a man?

3. Alex and Trey adopted a child sometime between season 2 and the movie. During their getaway in Marthas Vineyard for Noah and Wade’s wedding, Alex admitted that his relationship was in shambles. Were the two able to work things out?

4. In season 2, Wade and Dre got into a car accident after leaving the beach. What events took place leading to Noah and Wade deciding to get married AFTER Dre just caught Wade cheating on him with Noah? (I feel like this would be season 2.5 since they jumped over this story and filmed a movie.)

5. With the recent news of gay marriage being legalized throughout the nation, how did this affect Ricky? Is he finally ready to settle down or is he still up to his old ways?

6. During Chance and Eddie’s marriage, we never got to meet Kenya’s (Eddie’s daughter) mom. How has Kenya’s mom felt about Eddie’s relationship with Chance?

7. Back when this show was filmed, they used online dating profiles. Remember when Ricky was surfing the web in season 1, episode 1 and accidently revealed to Alex that Tre had a dating profile. How have the guys, especially Ricky, adapted to new dating technology (dating apps) such as Grindr and Jack’d?

8. Summer Pride events are such a huge deal in the LGBT community. I can’t recall the guys attending any Pride parades. What was their involvement in Pride events?

UPDATE: One of my followers reminded me that they did celebrate a Pride event at that beach party during the last episode of Season 2. With that being said, I could see the second half of Season 3 leading up to a Pride Parade where they have more behind the scenes involvement. Alex would initiate it while he uses Pride to promote his HIV/AIDS Awareness organization.

9. Have the guys met any new friends to add to their group? Perhaps a lesbian friend could add a new perspective to the show.  Or maybe a younger gay guy who could add a refreshed perspective from the younger generation of gay men.

10. We met Noah’s Mom, but what is his relationship like with his Dad?

11. Are the guys still living in California, or have any characters relocated to cities such as Atlanta or New York?

12. The only character who we haven’t seen dating has been Alex. This is mainly because he’s been boo’d up with Trey. Maybe the two finally decided to call it quits and now Alex is back on the dating seen. Still, we would see Alex and Trey co-parent their son.

 13. How is Ricky’s clothing store doing? Has it grown or has it closed down?

 14. Have Noah, Alex, Ricky, and Chance been able to sustain such a strong friendship after so many years?

Noah's Arc

I want to hear what you guys have to say. If there was magically a new season of Noah’s Arc, what potential story lines could be integrated in season 3?





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