14 N Crowd Favorites from 2016!

14. The Attractor
Although I discovered this blog a couple of years late in the game, the relevant content makes it never too late! The Attractor offers the community great advice on dating, sex, and self improvement.
the attractor

5 Tips For the Single Gay Guy

13. Memorial Day Weekend in D.C.
Every now and then I need a good gay hangout fix. This year I made an extremely last minute decision to stick around in D.C. for Memorial Day Weekend. This weekend in D.C. is known as the official, or unofficial, Black Pride Weekend depending on which events you attend. It’s really a great way to jumpstart into the summer!


Here are a couple local Party Promoters:

Ignite: http://www.ignitedmv.com/
Omega: http://omegapartydc.com/

12. Pharm the Series
This year we were introduced to Tyson Anthony’s web-series, Pharm. I had conversations with four of the cast members towards the end of 2016. The original plan was to interview all six cast members, but things got a little hectic in my personal life. Who knows, maybe I will connect with the remaining two cast members in 2017.


11. The Chadwick Journals, Season 2
After a long hiatus, Deondray and Quincy LeNear-Gossfield brought back The Chadwick Journals for an all new season.

The Chadwick Journals is Back with Season 2! [Review + Trailer]

10. Odell Beckham Jr.
Aside from being great football player (those one hand catches though!?), Odell definitely kept the blogs talking this year with his handsome face and irresistible charm.

Odell Beckham Jr. GIF


Odell Beckham Jr. GIF



9. Jamari Foxx:
I have been keeping up with Blogger, Jamari Foxx, and his foxtails all year. Every year he fills his blog with plenty of things to keep us entertained. Oh, and let’s not forgot the tons of hot eye candy that he introduces us too.

Inside Jamari Foxx


8. Love @ First Night
I was completely addicted to this romantic comedy web-series. There were so many hilarious moments.

7. Frank Ocean’s, “Blond”
Frank Ocean’s highly anticipated album, Blond, was finally released in 2016. It was well worth the wait because he did not disappoint. The album is a classic!

frank ocean

6. That time the cast of Noah’s Arc Reunited in Puerto Rico
I originally planned to attend the Xscape Puerto Rico event, but things didn’t work out. It is an LGBT Arts and Culture Music festival that featured many celebrity host such as the cast of Noah’s Arc, Juan and Gee, Big Freedias, and more! Raven Symone was also spotted in the mix.

Noah & Wade

5. RuPaul Winning an Emmy
The Queen B of drag, RuPaul, was completed caught off guard as he won an Emmy for Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program. Very well deserved!

Image: mgid_uma_image_vh1-com_12139396
Image: mgid_uma_image_vh1-com_12139396

4. Todrick Hall’s, Straight Outta Oz
Todrick gave us this outstanding musical film loosely based off of the classic, Wizard of Oz, with a hint of Straight Outta Compton. A true creative genius!

Straight Outta Oz by Todrick Hall

3. About Him
That’s two points for Tyson Anthony! About Him was the most talked about gay web-series of 2016. We were introduced to faces such Brandon Karson and Gary Levard. Will we see a second season in 2017?

About Him GIF


2. Moonlight
Barry Jenkins scored high reviews with his independent film, Moonlight. He delivered another story for audiences to relate with about the life of a gay black boy growing into his manhood. I don’t think mainstream audiences have ever seen this perspective before on the big screen and although it was an independent project, it attracted a larger audience than expected.



1. The N Crowd Followers!
A big thank you to everyone who keeps up with The N Crowd and continues to show support. This website has little to do with me, but is more so about all of us and moving the community forward through visibility. I hope to continue this little thing we have going on in 2017. 😉

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