14 Hilarious Tweets from the Second Presidential Debate 😂

On Sunday night, October 9, 2016, round two aired of the Presidential Debate between Hilary versus Trump. As usual, this was a big WIN for Hilary. Truth be told, it is extremely disturbing that Trump has made it this far in the election.

Talk about a joke gone too far…


The back and forth between Hilary and Donald can be quite amusing, however Donald tends to take it to another level where the issues that we want to hear addressed are being replaced with bicker and banter. He tends to “divert” as I believe Hilary described it. Throughout the debate, Hilary did a great job at bringing the focus back to the American people, opposed to playing too much into the “Donald Show.” 

At this point, watching the debate is for entertainment purposes only because my mind is already made up in regards to who I will be voting for. Apparently I don’t stand alone because social media has been very vocal about the cringe-worthy antics of Trump. Twitter was all the way LIT as Hilary and Trump duked it out for a second time.

Check Out These 14 Hilarious Tweets During the 2nd Presidential Debate! 😂





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