10 Gift Ideas to Get HIM for Christmas

So it’s the holiday season, Christmas is around the corner and you still can’t figure out what to get your significant other. No need to worry, here are a few gift ideas to give your partner whether you’re in a fairly new relationship or if you’ve been with him for quite a while.


  1. Cologne cologneFind him a nice, smelling cologne. Pay attention to the types of fragrances he typically wears. According to Esquire, “a man’s scent should smell like his personality.”
  1. Tickets to see a Broadway Play BroadwayThis is a cool idea because it will give you and your partner something to experience together. Take a quick trip to NYC, Chicago, or San Francisco and catch a play. Afterwards, you could do dinner at an upscale restaurant where you can talk about the play and engage in more interesting conversation. This gift will really give you two a chance to enjoy each others company. Ready, set, ACTION!
  1. Bottle of Wine wineDo a bit of research and find a great tasting brand of wine that he hasn’t tried before. You can even go a step further and buy him a fancy wine key and/or wine rack to go along with the bottle. Cheers!
  1. Tickets to a Sporting Event Basketball Game

Get him tickets to see his favorite football or basketball team. You can also buy him the jersey of his favorite player.

  1. Shoes shoeWho doesn’t like a cool looking pair of shoes? Of course for this gift, you would need to have a good sense for his style. After all, we’re all a bit particular about our personal style and shoes are one of those things where it can be a hit or miss.
  1. Fall/Winter Coat peacoatThis is a great idea because good quality coats can have a higher price point and some people may not always have the extra cash to invest in a nice coat for themselves. That’s where YOU get to play Santa Clause. Get him a stylish coat that could last him a lifetime.
  1. Gloves/Scarf/Hat GlovesGood quality winter accessories are always greatly appreciated. He’ll be thanking you when the temperatures really start to drop!
  1. Christmas Breakfast/Massage Man CookingThis is one of the less expensive ideas and it’ll be more about the intimate experience. Cook him a big breakfast on Christmas morning. Also, get creative and create a coupon to give to him for a FREE MASSAGE (AFTER BREAKFAST)—by YOU of course! You can use the coupon as a stocking stuffer. 😉
  1. Grooming Kit groomng kitLet’s face it—as gay men we are known to stay well kept. The gift speaks for itself.
  1. Magazine Subscription magazineWhether he’s into style, music, fitness, the list goes on, getting him a year long magazine subscription should keep him busy when he’s lounging around the house looking for something to read. Magazine subscriptions are also a really inexpensive gift.

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